From The Owner


Everyone who has lived through an Arizona summer will agree, especially by the end of summer, that Arizona has some of the most unbearable summers around. When your Air Conditioning stops working, it’s never the right time, nor convenient… and Air Conditioning is Definitely NEEDED and NOT a luxury in Arizona when temperatures are getting 115°+ outside.

Generation Air has extensive knowledge in the construction/building industry which comes a long way with the design, proper installation, maintenance, and service of Heating and Air Conditioning Systems. Your system is only as good as how well it was designed and installed. If one minor step is skipped in the process, it will cost (you) the customer a lot of money, time, and headache.

We ensure our employees will take the time whether it’s a service/repair, install, replacement, maintenance, or estimate to inspect the home’s current compatibility, design, and efficiency with the current or requested hvac system to maintain the maximum efficiency and energy savings.